Ultrabronze Super Nova: The Most Advanced Way to Tan!

​With our Ultrabronze SuperNova, one or two sessions are the equivalent to ten times the tanning power of a conventional tanning bed.

One tanning session in The Ultrabronze will equal about 3-6 power sessions. 

The SuperNova will quickly give you a deep natural tan that will last longer than conventional tanning!

99.9% UVA   Less than 1% UVB

UVB rays are the rays that burn skin while the UVA rays are the rays that penetrate the skin and are best for safe tanning. UVA light does not contribute to fine-line wrinkles and premature aging. Best of all, you lay in a comfortable mattress and not a hard surface like other tanning beds.​ Relax and listen to your music while the state-of​-the-art equipment works on your tan.

One Session: $35.00​           ​Pack of 5   $125.00


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